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Easy Chief


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Easy Chief // Matt Schofield & Christine Tambakis // Dr Feelgood
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Easy Chief med gjest Knut Reiersrud
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"Easy Chief spiller sumpaktig funk og R&B fra New Orleans. Og de gjør det med sjel og integritet! Lytt til dem - og dere skjønner hva jeg mener!"

    - Knut Reiersrud

With singer Zino’s Kurdish background and guitarist Sebastian's funky pocket this group provides the best of the west and the heat from the east. Easy Chief always brings the house down, with amazing live shows borrowing from the great rhythmic traditions of the Crescent City, New Orleans.

The band went into the studio in 2021 to record 5 songs live in the studio which became the first EP “Selina”. Here they brought with them cameras to capture the studio magic. The gospel/soul inspired title track “Selina” has become a crowd favourite, being based on a true story, it touches you at the core of your being. Songs like “Frown” and “Oak street” show the diversity the band brings, ranging from pop melodies to funk instrumentals à la Vulfpeck.


The band is currently in writing mode and, with help from the best of musicians from both sides of the Atlantic, they promise to deliver music of the highest caliber. So look forward to hearing Zino’s unique and soaring voice coupled with Sebastian’s stanky guitar in the near future. 


                                                                                                       Oslo, 2022


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